Design/describe your type of perfect outfit (style) for a day out. Include hair style, make u, outfit, shoes, and any accessories x. Can't wait to see your fashion sense.

(i’m doing a autumn look since it’s almost autumn and it’s my fave)

if i wanted to be all pretty and girly i’d go for a baggy (not so baggy you know) white shirt with black “leather” (fake leather you know like shinny black) sleeves, some dark red skinny jeans (high wasted and the front part of the shirt goes inside the jeans), and black ankle boots. then i’d probably have my hair straightened parted to my left, i like to keep the hair simple for a casual look. and i’d probably only use a simple neck with a little medal and use a black purse :)

for the makeup i’d go for a nice lipstick that would match the jeans and i’d let the rest really simple so only foundation, concealer, mascara and probably a little bit of eyeliner and an eye shadow that’s the closest to my skin color just to give it some shinny-shine :)


@K8JCV: Just to cheer everyone up. Another photo of josh at Disneyland.


I still don’t know what to do with these, any ideas?

What's your top 10 fav songs atm?

  1. D8 - O Que Tu Quiseres (this is portuguese so i doubt any of you know it but 10 points for you if you do)
  2. Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud
  3. Frankie Chavez - Don’t Leave Tonight
  4. Ariana Grande - Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart
  5. The Main Level - Go Go With You
  6. 5SOS - Amnesia
  7. Union J - Beautiful Life
  8. Jackson Harris - Down With This Ship
  9. Ariana Grande ft Nicki ft Jessie J - Bang Bang
  10. The Vamps - Somebody To You

(no particular order)


i feel like george would be the perfect person to build a giant blanket fort with. just throw a bunch of fluffy pillows down on the floor and build a fort around it, except you know he’d try starting a pillow fight. but we could sneak a laptop in our lil hideaway and watch dumb funny movies on netflix and play mario kart and go on tumblr and watch videos of baby animals and laugh til we’re exhausted and cuddle and fall asleep (◡‿◡✿) i dunno i just think that’d be nice :3 ♡ hehe


@georgeujworld: He’s so keen. Just smashed him at Where’s Wally 😂 Gutted @JJUJWorld x

okay my computer is being a total weirdo and following union j blogs on my zoella blog and following multi fandom blogs i follow there in here…

so if you are a 100% union j blog like this post so i can follow/refollow you! (sorry for the mess) <3