What's your favorite features of George: Josh: Jaymi: JJ:

this is the hardest question i could write a 20 pages essay for each one of the boys ugh

George: what a great start since George is my favorite. I love every single feature about George and more. I think George is honestly the sweetest boy I’ve had the chance to know. He never shows it if he’s sad, he just makes sure to make everyone around him happy. That boy has been through hell and he could have grown rude and cold from all the hate/bullying but he’s grown into the cutest baby gigglish and most adorable polar bear in the world that you just want to take with you in a crazy haunted adventure because you know he’d protect you but probably be more scared than you. (here I am writing too much again) I just love how sweet George is with everyone. I love his kindness and how GEEK he is. That’s my favorite feature yes.

Josh: God I have no idea. Josh can be the biggest loser (in a good way) with his jokes no one understands and laugh alone or be UK’s Next Top Model and I don’t get how he goes from dork to model. It’s very confusing. I think Josh is one of the sweetest and most down to earth people in the world. I really appreciate Joshua’s existence man he’s just amazing.

Jaymi: BEYONCÉ. Since day one I’ve had a special love for Jaymi because he wasn’t afraid to say who he was, taking off the fact we live in a really judgmental society. He’s always to true with us and that’s awesome. I love how he can be mature and sass. Who doesn’t love some sass.

JJ: Man JJ is a real life stuffed animal. I love that JJ never forgets to tell us how much he loves us. Not to mention that when I saw the boys I tried to hand my sign to Jaymi and he didn’t get it but JJ made sure to reach his hand as far as possible just to get it on stage and blew me a kiss. The little things make a person you know. Not to mention how addictive and contagious JJ’s laugh is.

G: It’s no secret that i enjoy selfie-ing, let’s not lie, but what’s my best and most favourite selfie pose?


@georgeujworld: Slightly awkward right now…


@georgeujworld: Riiiiight. I have no idea. @JJUJWorld it helps if you open your eyes, @JoshUJWorld is going to win! #FIFA15UKLaunch x

Omfg. I love your blog. Can u write a George smut?

thank you but i don’t write smut sorry ahah

Design/describe your type of perfect outfit (style) for a day out. Include hair style, make u, outfit, shoes, and any accessories x. Can't wait to see your fashion sense.

(i’m doing a autumn look since it’s almost autumn and it’s my fave)

if i wanted to be all pretty and girly i’d go for a baggy (not so baggy you know) white shirt with black “leather” (fake leather you know like shinny black) sleeves, some dark red skinny jeans (high wasted and the front part of the shirt goes inside the jeans), and black ankle boots. then i’d probably have my hair straightened parted to my left, i like to keep the hair simple for a casual look. and i’d probably only use a simple neck with a little medal and use a black purse :)

for the makeup i’d go for a nice lipstick that would match the jeans and i’d let the rest really simple so only foundation, concealer, mascara and probably a little bit of eyeliner and an eye shadow that’s the closest to my skin color just to give it some shinny-shine :)


@K8JCV: Just to cheer everyone up. Another photo of josh at Disneyland.